During last eight years, we have placed more than 6000 foreigners for hundreds of schools and companies all over China. Such as Volvo China, Olympus China, China Construction Bank, China Petrol, China Telecom, FESCO, Lenovo, AVC, Degussa, Darwin Property, Peking University, TsingHua University, BeiHang University, Beijing No.171 Middle school, Beijing No.2 Middle school, Beijing RiTan Middle school, Beijing Venus Kindergarten, Nobel English School, Beijing New Bridge English School, Berliz Training, ChangChun English First, WallStreet English, ShangHai and Beijing Shane English School, TianJin Witty English School, PanJin Oriental English School, HuNan Economics College, NingXia Economics College, ShanXi Computer Technological College and so on.


All schools arranged by ChinaESL have the certificate to hire foreign teachers and have authority to give foreign teachers valid working visa. Therefore (depending upon the school), ChinaESL may ask that participants arrive in China with a tourist visa ¨C which will eventually be converted to a working visa by participants' respective schools.

A valid passport is required to enter China . China does not allow entrance if the holder's passport expires in less than six months, so we suggest you check your passport before coming to China.


¡úESL job in China

ChinaESL provides jobs and internships all over China all throughout the year. In most cases you can literally start ANYTIME. With the exception of some tutoring, temporary, or short term training programs, all jobs arranged by ChinaESL require the applicant to sign a minimum six month contract.

For jobs in Beijing, the school or company will require a face to face interview with the candidate. If the candidate passes the interview, the contract will be signed. For jobs in other cities, the school or company will arrange a phone interview and the contract with be signed before the candidates arrive in China. All applicants are urged to fully review all portions of their contract before signing, to prevent any misunderstandings during employment.

The salaries and benefits of our jobs vary, depending on qualifications and experience. However, most experienced individuals can expect an estimated salary range from 6000 RMB ¨C 12000 RMB ($950 - $1900) per month. Less experienced individuals or those applying on an internship basis will be handled case by case. These individuals can expect around 4000 RMB ($630) per month.
Applicants will be reimbursed one way international airfare upon completion of a 6 month contract and round trip airfare upon completion of a 12 month contract. Standard holidays are provided according to the Chinese government holiday schedule.

Accommodation will be provided for all applicants, as near to the place of employment as possible. All schools outside of Beijing and Shanghai are located in the city centers, for convenience.

¡úChinaESL, your best choice!

*How can I apply for the program?

Choice 1: Send your RESUME and PICTURE to chinaesl@126.com and write down where do you want to work in China. (More suitable for someone who wants to find a full time job).

Choice 2: See our job board and send us an email to tell which specific job you are interested in. (For both full time, part time and tutoring jobs).

*What is the hiring process?

Step 1: Applicant emails resume, passport photo, etc. to chinaesl@yahoo.cn

Step 2: Upon receipt of these, we will contact the applicant and may request additional information and/or documents. A telephone interview may be conducted (if necessary).

Step 3: We will then forward the contract and documents necessary for visa processing.

Step 4: The candidate is required to contact the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate where they are to apply for the relevant visa type (we will advise you on this). Once the documents are accepted by the embassy, applicants are then encouraged to make the necessary travel preparations (vaccinations, airfare, etc.)

Step 5: Upon receipt of the applicant¡¯s flight information, ChinaESL will arrange free living accommodations in Beijing if necessary.

Step 6: If the applicant will be working in Beijing, they will move into their living accommodations. If the place of employment is in another city, the applicant will be picked up by school representatives at the final destination.

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