If you're an international student, tourist or explorer, homestay is the perfect option for your stay in Beijing. Homestay offers consistent Chinese practice with native speakers, and exposure to a mysterious and influential Chinese culture. It is both far safer and less expensive than living independently in the city. Also Homestay can be short term like one month or three weeks, however if you rent an apartment, usually it has to be more than three months.

Beside learning Chinese faster and more efficient, you can travel with Chinese family with all prepared arrangement.

During last four years, we have hosted students from more than 20 countries. We love welcoming international students to Beijing. We know how a great homestay should work. It should be affordable. It should be close to your school and other amenities. It should be a safe and enriching experience.

The fee of our homestay is less than most other companies' fees and less than what most schools charge, and is not hidden in the total bill.

Recently China Radio Internation had interview with one of our host family memeber and one of our foreigner.


Email: chinaesl@126.com

Homestay in Beijing

What is the process to apply a homestay?

Step 1: Fill in the homestay application and send it to chinaesl@126.com with one of your picture.

Step 2: We will select the suitable family for you and send you the Chinese family's pictures together with the family members' information.

Step 3: If both parties are satisfied, we will sign a contract with you and with the Chinese family.

Step 4: We will pick you up at Beijing airport and take you to the Chinese family. On the way going to the Chinese family, you pay the money for the homestay. If you are in Beijing, you need to pay us once the contract has been signed.

Step 5: We will keep in touch with you and the Chinese family to gurantee that both parties are satisfied with each other.

ChinaESL, your best choice!

What is the fee to apply homestay?

You don't need to pay any fee when you apply the homestay, however if you decide to take the homestay, you need to pay the money when we pick you up at the airport.

It is US$68/week if you want to live less than 2 months. If you want to live more than 2 months, it is US$600 no matter how long you want to live.

However if you need the host family to provide you with breakfast and dinner, it is US$98/week.

Notes:The minimum booking is 3 weeks.

Where are the host families?

Right now all the host families are in Beijing. Most of the families are close to the subway.

What is the host families look like?

All the host families arranged by ChinaESL are nice decorated with private bedroom, shared bathroom, Internet access and all necessary things for living. However, we will send you the host families' pictures before you come. If for any reason, the host family is not avaiable when you arrive, we will arrange you another host family with the same quality.

How about the security of the host family?

The people at the host families are well-educated with decent jobs. And we will take you and the people at the host family to the police station to register one day after you move in.

How about the bills?

If you live less than 2 months, the bills is included in the homestay fee you paid. If you live more than 2 months, the bills have to be shared with the people at the host family. You shall give the money to the host family directly.

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