The blue flag are the location of the jobs ChinaESL currently has.
Because different school has different start date requirement, so the specific location can not be told until two weeks before the candidate comes

For this program, most of the schools are in middle or small cities, where few people can speak good English, but there will be at least one person in the school can speak English and help you to arrange things.
For this program, most of the cities don°Įt have western restaurants, no church either
Right now ChinaESL has partner schools in the cities and provinces as below
Beijing, ShangHai, TianJin (Name of the cities)
HeBei, HeLongJiang, LiaoNing, JiLin, ShanDong, HeNan, ShanXi, Shan°ĮAnXi, NingXia Inner Mongolia, JiangSu, ZheJiang, AnHui, JiangXi (Name of the provinces)

The sample of the room

The apartment will be arranged by the school. In the apartment there will be bed, desk, chair, closet, TV, fridge, internet, air condition, microwave or stove, shower, western toilet, all necessary furniture and appliances. The apartment maybe a single apartment or a shared apartment, but the candidate will have his or her own room. The facilities needs to be paid by the candidate him or herself, but not expensive, usually about 100 Yuan/month in total.


°ķAbout the internship program

The internship program is a job guranteed program, which means as long as you pass ChinaESL's interview, you will be guranteed a job with the salary of 5000 Yuan/month, free accommodation. You can start ANYTIME.
For this program, 50% are teaching children of 4-12 years old students in language training schools, 30% are teaching kindergarten and early childhood center students of 0-6 years old, 10% are teaching public primary or middle school students. All the schools ChinaESL arranged are good schools in their cities, have nice working and teaching environment, books provided, the candidate needs to prepare the lesson plan himself or herself. The school maybe language training school or kindergarten or primary school or middle school. The name and the location of the school will be told one week before the candidate arrives Beijing.

What is the working hours?

°žNot more than 35 working hours/week, not more than 25 teaching hours/week, other 10 hours are office hours, which you can use to prepare the class and ticket the homework
°žIf you are sent to language training school, your working days are three days during the week in the afternoons and evenings, two days on weekends the whole day
°žIf you are sent to kindergarten or primary school or middle school, your working days are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, one hour lunch break

What are the salary and benefits?

°žThe salary is 5000 Yuan/month (after tax), paid on the 15th of the next month
°žFree accommodation, well furnished, with internet access, appliances and furniture
°žUtilities are not free, the candidate has to afford it him or herself, which is about 100 Yuan/month
°žThe apartment maybe a shared apartment but the candidate will have his or her own room with air condition, bed, closet and desk in the room
°žThe train ticket from Beijing to the local school will be provided no matter how long the contract is. If the candidate can finish one year contract, the school will give 6000 Yuan as airfare. But if the candidate can not do one year contract, the school won°Įt give any airfare.
°žThe candidate needs to apply a F visa in the home country and pay it him or herself. The school will pay for the F visa extension after the candidate starts to work.
°ķChinaESL, your best choice!
The sample of the school

*How can I apply for the program?

°žSend your Resume and Picture to chinaesl@126.comand write in the email with the possible earliest arrival date
°žMake appointment with ChinaESL for the online interview on Skype
°žAfter the interview if the candidate is hired, ChinaESL will send the candidate a contract, which needs to be signed before the candidate comes
°žAfter the candidate signs the contract, ChinaESL will send the candidate invitation letter, which can be used to apply a F visa
°žAfter the candidate gets the visa, he or she can book the ticket according to the date agreed on when the candidate has the online interview
°žAfter the candidate gets the ticket, the candidate needs to inform ChinaESL the arrival date and time, ChinaESL will send the candidate the address of the temporary apartment
°žWhen the candidate arrives Beijing, the candidate can take a taxi according to the address ChinaESL sent and comes to the temporary apartment ChinaESL arranged
°žChinaESL will help the candidate to buy the ticket and go to the local school
°žThe school people will pick up the candidate at the train station
°žChinaESL will keep in touch with the candidate and helps the candidate to sign the formal contract with the local school

*What are the requirements for the candidates?

°žNative English speakers
°žHealthy, not shy, don°Įt afraid of speaking publicly, outgoing, easygoing
°žLove children, like teaching children, like doing games and interact with children
°žWilling to learn, active and energetic
°žAbove 19 years old, decide to come to China and commit for not less than six months

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